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Undergraduate Degree Programmes

In the Years 1 and 2 (100 and 200 Levels), students take compulsory non-specialisation courses covering all areas of Fine and Appled Arts with few elective courses and general studies. These courses prepare the students and familiarise them with basic knowledge that will guide their decision for appropriate life-time area of specialisation.

After completion of Year 2 with required total credits passed, each student will select, together with a Course Adviser, any area of specialisation stated below and take prescribed number of units:

The compulsory Years 1 and 2 courses are as follow:

Year 1 (First Semester)
FAF 110 Fundamental Studies in 2D Design
FAF 111 Fundamental Studies in 3D Design
FAF 112 Drawing I
FAF 113 Art: Nature and Meaning I
CAD 114 Computer Appreciation I
GST 111 Use of English
GST 112 Philosophy and Logic
Students are to take an elective from any of the following courses:
THR 110 Introduction to the Arts of the Theatre I
THR 116 Foundation of Dramatic Literature
THR 117 Theatre Workshop

Year 1 (Second Semester)
FAF 120 Fundamental Studies in 2D Design
FAF 121 Fundamental Studies in 3D Design
FAF 122 Drawing II
FAF 123 Art: Nature and Meaning II
CAD 124 Computer Appreciation I
GST 121 Use of English II
GST 122 Nigerian People and Culture
GST 123 History and Philosophy of Science
Students are to take an elective from any of the following courses:THR 120 Introduction to Theatre
THR 126 History of Media Arts
THR 127 Theatre Workshop II

Year 2 (First Semester)
FAD 210 Drawing III
FAP 211 Introduction to Painting
FAS 212 Introduction to Sculpture
FAH 213 African Art History I
APG 214 Introduction to Graphic Design
APF 215 Introduction to Fashion
CAD 216 Computer Appreciation III
REL 212 Traditional Religion of Africa I

Year 2 (Second Semester)
FAD 220 Drawing IV
APT 221 Introduction to Textile
APC 222 Introduction to Ceramics
FAH 223 African Art History II
APM 224 Introduction to Metal Design
FAE 225 Research Methods
CAD 226 Introduction to Computer Aided Design III
REL 222 Traditional Religion of Africa II

Graphic Design
Metal Design
Textile Design
Art History
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